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Scripts & styles

jQuery and jQuery UI JavaScript library

jQuery JavaScript Library

Includes Sizzle.js

Copyright 2005, 2013 jQuery Foundation, Inc. and other contributors
Released under the MIT license


jQuery UI Touch Punch

jQuery UI Touch Punch

Copyright 2011, Dave Furfero
Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.


Copyright 2012, Caleb Evans

Licensed under the MIT license

jQuery Cookie Plugin v1.3.1

Copyright 2013 Klaus Hartl
Released under the MIT license


fancyBox - jQuery Plugin
version: 2.1.4 (Thu, 10 Jan 2013)
@requires jQuery v1.6 or later

Examples at

Copyright 2012 Janis Skarnelis -

Icons & visuals

August Interactive Icon Pack

Freebie: Free Vector Web Icons (91 Icons)
Designed by August Interactive ( and lead UI designer Tomas Gajar

Dear Friends,

Thank you for downloading this file. This freebie has been brought to you by You can freely use it for both your private and commercial projects, including software, online services, templates and themes. The icons may not be resold, sublicensed, rented, transferred or otherwise made available for use. The icons may not be offered for free downloading from websites other than and Please link to the article in which this freebie was released if you would like to spread the word.

Yours sincerely,
Smashing Magazine Team

Glyphicons Prp

logo glyphicons
Reference: Glyphicons

LICENSE (for GLYPHICONS in all file formats):
A buyer is granted unlimited lifetime usage of all icons purchased on The icons can be used for both commercial and personal purposes such as any kinds of mobile applications, web sites, web applications as well as for printing, infographics, etc. You do not need an extra license for every new project. The price in PRO version includes all future updates of GLYPHICONS, which means that no additional purchase is required.

If you use the icons as a part of your design in your product it is perfectly fine. Keep in mind, please, that it is not allowed to resell the icons as such, because the icons are the property of the author.

If you use a font as a part of your html theme / application, which you sell to your customers, it's ok. Bear in mind that reselling of the icons is prohibited and the license is non transferable. Please, be aware that in case you would like to use a font in your html theme / application you should include this license as a part of your product. If your customers would like to use GLYPHICONS as a part of their own (another) product, they have to buy their own license.

GLYPHICONS Halflings are also a part of Bootstrap by Twitter, and are released under the same Apache 2.0 license as Bootstrap. While you are not required to include attribution on your Bootstrap-based projects, I’d certainly appreciate a visibile link back to in any place you find appropriate (footer, docs, etc).

All logos and trademarks in social icons are the property of the respective trademark owners.®

123RF Stock Photo’s

Image credit: Yuri Arcurs (logos) / 123RF Stock Photo

Image credit: Yuri Arcurs (logos) / 123RF Stock Photo


Reference: Facebook Brand Resource Center

Twitter logo

Reference: Twitter Trademark and Content Display Policy



Reference: HybridAuth
HybridAuth Open Source PHP Social Sign On Library, © 2009-2013.

Code licensed under dual licence MIT and GPLv3, documentation under CC BY 3.0.

HybridAuth was created by Mohamed Mrassi (a.k.a Miled) and contributors. Many other people have also contributed with constructive discussions, support and by submitting patches.